3 – Skype

Pros / Advantages

Skype can be employed to call the landlines of Canadians and Americans for approximately 30$/year, and thus it is not free relative to Google Hangouts or Fongo, yet still offers significant savings.  However, it does have a key advantage designated Skype to Go, which may be desirable for elderly folks who still find comfort in using a landline.  A Skype to Go number can be created via their website that can be dialed (local number) using a traditional landline and phone, and the call will be free pending it is within the USA or Canada and the aforementioned package was purchased.

The program likewise features low cost rates for regions beyond those two countries, and Skype to Go can be used to tap into those fees.  In sum, Skype allows one to skip the traditionally high costs for long-distance packages that are provided by landline phone companies.

Cons / Disadvantages

Calls to American and Canadian landlines are not free, although the monthly rate is considerably cheaper than that offered by traditional phone companies.

Rating: 4.5/5

Brief Skype to Go Instructions & Tutorial

Listed below is a brief tutorial and instructions on how to use Skype to Go.  It is rather straightforward to use the service, just login via their website and click on the associated button.

skype to go instructions
Skype to Go is an advantageous feature.

The other internet calling programs described here are Fongo and Google Hangouts.  The administrator of this site uses the programs listed together.  Frequently asked questions are described in this section of the site, and the comments section is available too.